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Vermont Open Circle, Inc. is a statewide network of Pagans and other Earth-centered, progressive-minded Vermonters. We are a source of information, networking and support for Pagan-minded individuals, organizations and businesses around the state. We also hold occassional social, cultural and spiritual events for the Earth-centered, progressive-minded community.

A Brief History

Vermont Open Circle (formerly "...of Wicca & Wicce") began as a ritual group; founded in Aries, 1996 C.E., by Drew Campbell. The circle grew to become "Addison County's foremost Pagan organization" and to encompass most of Vermont with coordinators around the state. Four years later, as other groups began to fill the ritual needs of Vermont's Pagans, we experienced a lack of volunteer energy.

In 2001, we reemerged with a shortened name, fresh energy and a new focus. We shifted our efforts to focus on the social, cultural and informational needs of Pagan-minded Vermonters.

Our Vision and Mission

Vermont Open Circle envisions an active, unified Pagan community throughout our Green Mountain State. We realize the potential for such; as there are numerous, diverse Pagan-minded individuals and organizations throughout our area. Our mission is to promote the growth and unification of this population while fostering understanding of our beliefs and practices in the community at large.

A Note About Our "Homemade" Website

Our website is the result of the dedicated work of design artist Drew Campbell. Unlike others, this site is not made with webpage development software. Drew writes all of the HTML and Java that programs the site. He also created all of the images that grace these pages, with exception to those linking to outside sites.

Our site continues to be under reconstruction to decrease loading time. Drew is nearing completion of the large renovation project which began over two years ago. However, parts of the site may be unavailable at this time. You may also discover that some links and images are not working. This is due to a server change and directory reconstuction. Please accept our appologies for the inconvenience. Blessed be.

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